Chosica, Peru



The workshop is jointly organised by University of Bristol and INGEMMET (El Instituto Geológico Minero y Metalúrgico, Peru)


INGEMMET are responsible for predictive hazard assessment for Huaycos in Peru and have detailed knowledge of the scale and impacts from the 2017 events that are critical for developing modelling capability that could be applied to flash floods globally. University of Bristol are responding to needs of Peruvian partners identified in September 2017, based on meetings held in September 2017 with Instituto Geofisico Peru (IGP), INGEMMET, Soluciones Practicas NGO, and the Peruvian government ‘Authority for Reconstruction with Changes’ (ARC). These include supporting mathematical modelling, and broadening the understanding of the threat to communities through characterisation of their vulnerability. UK partners bring expertise in social sciences and participatory fieldwork, and working internationally across disciplines.


The target audience of the workshop is early career researchers (within 10 years of PhD or Masters qualification) from academia and national agencies, and DRR practitioners based in national risk management and NGOs. The broad aims of the workshop require a range of disciplines including: PHYSICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENTISTS specialising in natural hazards and disaster risk reduction (modellers, engineers and scientists working on engineered mitigation, and social scientists working on risk governance at national and regional level, climate change adaptation, or conducting participatory action research in communities); RISK MANAGERS working between community and national levels and DRR PRACTITIONERS based in NGOs (Peruvian and international).


Applicants from the UK and Peru are invited to apply for funded places. See 'How to Apply' for further details.


Applicants from the UK and Peru will be selected from across the disaster risk reduction spectrum to ensure a multi-disciplinary mix for the workshop.