drone-derived imagery of Chosica, Peru

Aims and Objectives


The workshop will create a network of researchers, practitioners and agencies that will support mitigation of future huayco risk, which requires multidisciplinary approaches, with specific objectives to:


STRENGTHEN CAPACITY IN PREDICTIVE MODELLING OF HUAYCO HAZARDS AND EARLY WARNING SYSTEMS The workshop will facilitate knowledge exchange across mathematical modelling to address key issues in urban-scale hazard assessment and calibration of early warning systems;


IMPROVE UNDERSTANDING OF THE PHYSICAL IMPACTS OF HUAYCOS Knowledge will be exchanged to ECR from local risk managers and communities about the 2017 huaycos and an impacts database will be produced following field visits;


INCORPORATE COMMUNITY CONTEXT INTO FUTURE HUAYCO MITIGATION Field visits and a discussion session with local risk managers will permit rapid initial assessment of social vulnerability of communities threatened by huaycos in two field areas, and knowledge exchange on the role of community vulnerability in risk tolerance;


PROVIDE TRAINING IN MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH ‘BEST’ PRACTICE FOR ECR Workshop coordinators and mentors will share broad experience of hazard assessment and disaster risk reduction projects through a panel discussion, field visits and workshop activities;


ENGAGE WITH GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES Existing contacts in the Peruvian government ‘Authority for Reconstruction with Changes’ (ARC), the Centro Nacional de Estimación, Prevención, Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres (CENEPRED) and the UK embassy will attend a session on current huayco mitigation policy, and present some of their challenges in disaster prevention, response and recovery.


Discussion of these objectives will take place in field visits to impacted areas, led by local risk managers, with the participation of community leaders. For each objective, there will be specific meeting sessions. The workshop discussions and sandpits will be integrated into a ROADMAP FOR SUPPORTING IN-COUNTRY CAPACITY TO PREDICT AND MITIGATE HUAYCO HAZARD, including positioning for future funding opportunities.